Korea Travel Guide 02- Where to stay in Seoul?

April 5, 2016

Got your flights booked, now where are you going to stay???

Even though I am not a big fan of Myeongdong(touristy, stingy with samples)I would normally stay around this area. I’m not referring to Myeongdong station though. Explain later.

Few factors you’d want to consider:

  1. Accessibility (subways, airport transfer, etc)
  2. Where are you going to spend most of your time at?
  3. What food options/shopping options are there around you?
  4. $$$$
  5. Security Seoul is just…. so safe… -.-

I’ve listed some suggested areas to stay at the bottom of this post.

  1. Accesibility:

So… even though I am not a big fan of Myeongdong, I would still opt to stay here most of my trips (unless I plan to explore other areas more, like Gangnam maybe? for my next trip πŸ˜€ )


Its so freaking convenient!!! hey

The main subway lines are nearby. Line 2 leads you west towards Ewha / Hongdae/ Shinchon and east towards Dongdamun History & Culture station (which is the station you really want if you’re shopping at Dongdaemun, well unless you want to go to the wholesale markets). Line 3 leads you north to palaces, Gwangjang market and Samcheongdong and south to Express Bus Terminal. And its near airport transfer as well.

Be careful when picking stations with few lines on it, e.g. Seoul Station. There are like, a gazillion exits all over and to walk from your train to your exits can take 15-20 minutes…. Case in point, the last time I was in Seoul, I booked a really really lovely AirBnB apartment at Seoul Station and chose an apartment nearest to the station exit. But…. Seoul Station is so freaking long… I don’t mind 20 minutes walk but when you are carrying loads of shopping and rushing for time….


2. Where are you going to spend most of your time at?

If you are going to shop most of the time, you want to pick a place nearby the shops…. so that its more convenient to put your stuff down when it gets too heavy for you. untitled44

Staying around Myeongdong area may still win hands down, despite the fact that if you buy any cosmetics, the amount of samples you get is really pitiful. Weigh in your options. Do I want to carry 10kg of skincare with me the whole day???

Alternatively, most if not all subways have locker options so you can just store your stuff in the locker. Really love this option especially when I’m lugging my trolley bags at rural towns and am just staying for few nights. I will just leave my heavy bags at the train/bus station and go off in a backpack.

3. What food options/shopping options are there around you?

Hmm….. the whole of Seoul is filled with food so I guess this doesn’t really factor in. There are always food delivery options (even for picnics at Han River!!!! you can get them to deliver food to where you are. Really cool)

4. $$$$

To me…. the best place to stay is in Lotte Myeongdong (right next to Lotte mall, it is near euljiro-1 subway station and near Myeongdong). BUT>>>>>>> its too costly!!!!Β  hohoho

just save your money for shopping and food -.-


The places I like to stay are:

  1. Holiday Inn Express @ Euljiro-3 ga. Its a 20 minutes walk to Myeongdong but it conveniently has line 2 and 3 on it. If you are adventurous, you can go to Golbaengi Alley nearby and try… The hotel is located at a quiet area with no shops around and very few eating options nearby but the interior of the hotel… love how its so simple yet modern.
  2. Seoul station. Despite what I said earlier, it is still connected to quite a number trains and has Lotte Mart nearby (free food yo! Samples, but still free!). And I can walk (~25 mins) to my favourite place in Seoul… NAMDAEMUN!
  3. If you are fine with hostels and guesthouses.. and still in your early twenties (T.T my youth…. T.T), you may want to opt to stay at Hongdae. It is also connected to the airport train. Ewha is a really good option too. Since its near to cheap shops and awesome Alchon Albap


Despite all my blabbering above…. Seoul’s subway system is so efficient and covers a huge area so you can actually just randomly pick any place in Seoul. LOL.

The only reason I chose Myeongdong area is because of its close proximity to Namdaemun and its quite in the central of the places I want to go in Seoul. So essentially I am close to none, but yet …Β  close to all….





Korea Travel Guide 01- Seoul: Planning your itinerary

April 2, 2016

Let me first put a disclaimer: I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL TOUR GUIDE NOR DO I PROFESS TO BE AN EXPERT IN ALL THINGS RELATED TO KOREA. These are all just my PERSONAL thoughts and suggestions. If any of this offends you…. take a hike.

First off, unfortunately… I don’t have many, or ANY good pictures to show you.Most of the pictures you will see are actually what I grabbed from google images or from others. I am not someone who likes to take a pictures (something I really regretted since I decided to do this series)

so you will have to bear with the minimal pictures and horrible quality.

I have been very blessed to be able to go to Korea for about 4-5 times when I was much younger and for the past few years, I have been there 5 times in the last 2.5 years…. So I am just going to write in my experiences and tips here. Hopefully it will help you as you plan your trip.



Just an overview. Picture from google maps, edited with powerpoint then cropped with paint. Yes… I need to learn new methods and softwares…

So my top places to visit in central Seoul are (am currently on the fence about Gangnam):

  1. Namdaemun. My ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE place to explore. In fact, the last time I was there for a week, I kept going back to Namdaemun for 4 days!!!
  2. Namsan Tower. I really really LOVE hiking up to Namsan tower. Especially when the weather is really cold. The view is AH-MAZE-BALLS YO!
  3. Samcheongdong. Really like to walk along this street. Its a super small street so come here only if you have done all your touristy time and have a little time left and would like to relax.
  4. Ewha Women’s University. Really cheap shopping area. Cardies for only 10 000

I will try go in depth on the places listed above and the others in the map.

Current top places to shop

  1. Ewha Women’s University
  2. Incheon Station (Train, not the airport)
  3. Express Bus Terminal (connects to Gangnam Station Underground Shopping)
  4. Namdaemun
  5. Dongdaemun (hmmm…. prices are more expensive but you get more varieties here. More tourists… Open til 4 AM!!!!)



Hope you guys enjoy Seoul!



It’s been a long time…..

April 2, 2016


I know it has been a really really REALLY looooonnnnggg time….

Have I decided to restart blogging? I can’t honestly say yes…. sometimes laziness life just gets in the way.

I considered starting afresh. With a new blog and everything but…. as childish as my old posts are… they are still fond memories to me. Links to my lost years. Links to my youth. Still not ready to dissociate myself from them.

So I will be continuing with this and we will see how it fares.

What do I plan to do?


I don’t have a really plan ^^’

My goodness. Blogging and website programming have advanced so much since I last blogged! I still have loads to figure out. How to put in emoticons (a old as I am, I still love emoticons. Pictures still paint a thousand words that help you describe your emotions), how to edit pictures (I’m still very old school and still use Paint -.-‘), picture hosting and other stuff.


Here’s to the future!!!


(image courtesy of http://www.care2.com)


June 11, 2011

Camp just ended and I can honestly say… It was goooooddddd!!! I definitely came back with a whole new outlook. Especially after this morn’s session.
2 important things I learnt today:
1. We were sent friends so that we can MINISTER to them. Not them us. That’s why God send us certain friends at certain season and specific people. That was a huge eyeopener for me. All this while I’ve been really REALLY thankful to God for the friends He’s given me. Cc, cs, xs, dt, cl, xs, grote st ppl :D. I was really amazed that we could mix since… >< Sigh… Never realised how blur and slow I am til I started working T.T
I did tallyin of meds for the past two weeks but I kept forgetting to record meds taken out and this and that which ended up in me having more workload T.T it took me 5hrs to do tallying when my friend did it in1.5 hrs n she never stayed back to do it… Unlike me…
And to see everyone being so smart and able to memorize things told to them once when it takes me a few scoldings before it sink into my brain…
Sigh… The past few weeks… Kept wondering why didn't God made me smarter. Or more alert. Or with better memory… Like others…
Then today realised… I'm an earthern vessel! Because I'm empty, there's MORE that God can do in my life because I can't do anything πŸ˜€ I learnt to depend on Him and trust that He always have a way for me (which really hit me hard in Adelaide- abt His goodness I mean, but I forgot about it when I started working and I guess this was a huge reminder).
Because I'm empty, and others know that, when others see the work God is doing in my life… Well, I'm a walking talking testimony of God! πŸ˜€ I don't have to use words to reach out but people can see how amazing God is.
This was so true in my studies. When people have never expected me to pass (-.+). But by the third/fourth year, they know that even if I don't do much, I can still pass. Because of God. πŸ˜€ (I know that they don't think its because of my abilities since people don't think of me as very bright). When I was worried about passing, it was my NONBELIEVING FRIENDS who reminded that my God will help me pass. πŸ˜€


June 11, 2011

I realise I must’ve said that word often in this blog since I keep going mia. But I’m back!!!
The reason I was mia was because… >< since I know how important to give thanks to God), but at the meantime, my blog doesn't have to be at a standstill until I finally do it πŸ™‚


January 15, 2011

having headaches and body very heaty now (i’m not IN heat, just heaty -.-).
this always happens when i’m back in kl from overseas. happens everytime i come back for/from hols.
must drink leong cha or coconut

Dr Quinn

December 9, 2010

I’m OD-ing on Dr Quinn now.
Sully is just so HOT HOT HOT!!! ><

In case you don't know, Dr Quinn is a pretty old 90's western series set in the 1800s.
Its about a lady doctor (Dr Quinn) who moves to a small town and faces prejudice and all kinds of stuff there. Sully (HOT HOT!!!) is her love interest. So yeah…
you can watch it from youtube. (btw, youtube also has cave of of the golden rose. remember the movies??)

But after watching nearly the end of season 1, I'm not so sure I'll be watching the rest of the other seasons.
I'm someone who, when I'm watching/reading, I don't like to watch 'realistic' shows.
Where they show you how hard life really was, or the prejudice people are facing, or abuse…
I ONLY watch movies/read books with HAPPY ENDINGS.
with Dr Quinn, its quite depressing to watch how much oppression native americans face…. I know it's already happened and what they had to go through was much worst but…. do I want to watch it happen? no.
And some of the characters are pretty annoying too…..

But do watch it if you're free or procrastinating (like me…-.- i'm supposed to be doing ALOT of packing up and finalising things but there's so much to do, i'm lazy to start…)


December 9, 2010

Have you ever met your neighbours?
I’ve met a few of them, but the one I’ve been wanting to meet (cos I can see their balcony from my room and I’m suspecting whoever’s staying there might be able to look in too)

In the final weeks of staying here, I finally met him.
Having never met my neighbour and not even knowing who is staying there,
I’ve been creating stories in my head about them.
The reality?
not so exciting….

Probably should’ve never met in the first place

When you don’t have a car….

December 8, 2010

When you don’t have a car, a half an hour errand can take up to 2 hours… T.T

Went to Hove today to see my preceptor and when I was on the way to uni, the train suddenly stopped.
Apparently the train in front stopped working so the whole track can’t be used.
Had to walk 15minutes to a bus stop, take a 1+ hour bus back…
I hate taking long buses. I always get headache max when I’m on it. At least with trains it’s pretty stable and shorter ride.

And last saturday, when I went to help out at the childhood association fair, had to take a 1 hour bus ride. But since we’re supposed to be there early in the morning and the earliest bus require us to take 3 different buses there, meaning 2 changes. First one we did perfectly but the second one….
we came off at the wrong stop. Who woulda thought that there’d be two stops on our route with the same number….. -.-
28 Main south road
28 XXX road. (forgot)

we came off at the wrong one (didn’t check google maps for road name, just stop number).
We waited 30minutes at the bus stop before realizing that we were on the bus stop.
You know the most geram part? We were really hungry and kept hoping that there’d be a Mcd or Hj around our stops so we can get breakkie but…. none of the stops had it….. EXCEPT!!! the stop we were supposed to come off from. -.- the stop was just in front of Mcd…. Geramnya…. T.T
Took us 2 hours… We should’ve just taken the later bus. The later bus would’ve gotten us earlier than taking the bus we took.
Lesson learned: ALWAYS check stop NUMBER AND ROAD!!!

Gah, gotta go sleep now. Headache. Ta’


December 7, 2010

I did LOADS of baking these few days (too hot to go visiting)

and wanted put up links to baking blogs i like but….

too sleepy now.

my eyes are now as big as the baby’s. need ZZZZ

Will do it another time. I’ve put up some links in posts below anyway.


Smitten Kitchen


google picky palate too.


will talk more abt them laters. night!